Bringing Play-to-Earn to Mobile with blockchain-infused casual games powered by NFTs

We are Playcheck Games

We want our players to earn as we earn.

Our goal is to create value retention throughout our game ecosystem with a fungible utility token called $SCRAP, whose functionality cuts across multiple games.

With our first mobile game coming out in Q4 2021, we aim to proliferate a new and accessible stable of NFT-based games for players to earn value over time with.

How do we elevate Play-to Earn?


Create fun, compelling NFT-based games using our experience as game developers with a successful start in blockchain


Improve the user experience for onboarding both newcomers and crypto enthusiasts by catering to a wider community in mobile

Value Retention

Build a game ecosystem where our players can jump between one game to another while retaining value for their tokens

Our NFTs

Our NFTs are minted with unique gameplay utility benefits on their metadata. They can be improved, combined, salvaged, and used to compete with other players. These NFTs form half of our token-based gameplay, with $SCRAP available to be spent and earned from these interactions.

For NFTs of Battle Racers and its upcoming mobile game, players can combine and tokenize a full and competition-ready race car out of four parts with the aim of combining an efficient set that can win tournaments for $SCRAP and other prizes.

$SCRAP Token

With $SCRAP as the play-to-earn token backbone that players can trade, spend, and transfer along with playable collectible NFTs, we stand to bridge the value of these assets for players from our first products to the latest, by continuing to develop utility that will allow a player of one of our games to gain benefits from their assets from another. HODL-ing your NFTs is cool – but playing with them can be cooler!


Together with our investors and partners in technology and the community – we aim to bring a series of products that are consistently fun, engaging, and most importantly, rewarding ways to play games, right on your mobile phones and beyond.